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How To Be  A Stripper

The best way to learn how to be a stripper is by learning the tools of the trade from someone who’s actually been one. I wrote How To Be A Stripper: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Afraid To Ask to provide insider information to women who want to become strippers. Because there wasn’t a handbook available when I started stripping, I had to learn everything by trial and error. The information I learned during my four years as a professional stripper is essential to women who want to learn. How To Be A Stripper can provide you with real-life, practical, and valuable advice about how to be a stripper / exotic dancer, and what it’s really like to work at a strip club. Because I’m a retired stripper and have nothing to lose by sharing what I’ve learned, How To Be A Stripper is a valuable ‘tell-all’ that takes the trial and error out of a stripper’s learning experience. Learn how to become a professional stripper by reading this eBook and prepare yourself for your new career.

Look Inside The eBook

Preview How To Be A Stripper for free. Chapter 9, “Tipping” is available on the ‘Preview eBook’ tab where you will learn the different types of tips you can collect, how to collect them, where to store them, and much more. If you find this chapter valuable, you'll find the other chapters in How To Be A Stripper equally beneficial.

How To Be A Stripper gives girls a behind the scenes look at how a strip club functions, as well as psychological insight into a stripper’s mind, and answers frequently asked questions.  This is an essential guide for all new girls who want to learn how to become strippers. How To Be A Stripper is one of the most talked about how to guides because it provides valuable information that even veteran strippers wish they would have known about before they started their stripping careers.

Need For Stripping Info

When I decided that I wanted to learn how to be a stripper, I searched the internet for information about how to become a stripper. I wanted to know as much as possible about becoming a stripper before I even stepped foot into a strip club. I was afraid of not knowing what to do and embarrassing myself on stage and at the strip club. I thought that knowing what to expect on my first day as a stripper, as well as during my stripper career, would ease my fears and give me more confidence to become a stripper. Reading How To Be A Stripper can help ease your fears by giving you information that you wouldn’t learn about until you've been stripping for a long time.

I came across a few mediocre ‘how to be a stripper’ websites, but I still wanted more – none of them provided enough guidance to really teach me how to be a stripper. Looking online was pretty frustrating since it seemed that all the information I found about learning how to become a stripper contained bits and pieces but nothing provided me with enough information about how to become a stripper.  I found that the stripper books in print were more about the dancer's personal life while she stripped – and not about teaching someone how to become a stripper.

When I was looking for information about how to become a stripper, there was clearly a lack of guidance and information; however this information gap has been filled. How To Be A Stripper fills in all the blanks and gives you information that you would only get with years of experience.

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